See you at the races

So upon opening the engine on Scottie I discovered a broken starter plate and looking further reveled the real issue, a broken clutch pad. Just another reason I like to have another salvage engine on had to harvest parts from. After swapping things out Scottie is now back on his feet. I also took the liberty of finally adjusting the kickstand so that he could stand up without needing something to prop him up. Which is a very good thing because I am taking him and Blu to the races this weekend. 

That's right, MopedGP Midwest, is this weekend and I am going. I haven't nailed down which one I am racing in what class yet but I would like to get them both out on the track. This is the first time the team from Omaha is hosting a big race but I think it should be a good turn out. If nothing else it will be fun to hang out and chat with fellow moped people.

I also plan to hit up the, Wheels Of Italy, in Minneapolis, MN on Sunday if I can stay awake long enough to make it there. So yeah it should be a pretty packed weekend. 


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