History of the Current Wandering Pacer

The Story of this Wandering Pacer begins in the Fall of 2014. After some major life changing events, I felt it was time to take a break and catch my breath. I had an interest in growing my Pacer collection and the Super Sport was calling my name. After some encouragement from family, Thanks Mom, I posted a request on the buy/sell of the Moped Army website ( After about a month of waiting and updating my request I got a bite. The only catch was I had to travel 1400 miles to come pick it up in, Providence, Rhode Island. This of course meant, ROAD TRIP!!

After working out the details and taking time off work, we were off. By ‘we’ I mean my parents and I. As it turns they were up for taking a road trip with me and so we had a mini family vacation.  The first part of the trip was focused on just getting to Providence; however, we did make a small stop in Chicago to stay the night at a friend’s house before making the long haul.

Upon arriving at our destination, a quaint hotel in Kingstown, RI, we settled down for the night and made plans to meet the Pacer contact. In the morning we made our way to the location of the pickup. The bike was in pretty rough shape but looking over the bike made me excited about the possibilities. After loading the bike into the van we followed our guide to meet up with the local moped gang, The Metal Ponies. 😀

More to come…

1977 Garage

Click the Garage button for full details on the build of this bike.

Build Specs

Make: Pacer

Model: Super Sport (P-80)

Year: 1980

Engine: Franco Morini M1

  • Displacement: 49.6 CC
  • Intake: Reed Vavle
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Ignition: Magneto 6V 23W
  • Ignition Coil: Frame Mounted
  • Transmission: Single speed automatic
  • Clutch: Single Centrifugal

1980's Dealer Flyer Ad.

Pacer's 'Top of the Line' "SUPER SPORT" combines the styling magnificence of a motorcycle with the economy and safety of a moped. This uncompromising machine features a true cross bar motorcycle frame, extra large 2 gallon fuel tank, heavy duty suspension and a comfortable elongated saddle, just right for those longer tours. When you are ready for the best, check out the "SUPER SPORT" - PACER'S finest! 

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