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History of The Original Wandering Pacer

So... about 25 years ago??, my brother originally purchased this Pacer from a gentleman who had stored it in his airplane hanger for grand sum of $100. This little Pacer has seen a lot of use since that time. Whether it was hauling tools to papa at work or just zipping around the neighborhood this Pacer got used. The day we brought it back home, the youngest brother mistook the clutch for the brake and ran it into a wall bending the front forks. (I like to call it the Italian bend.) After my brother grew up, got married and moved Kansas, he left the bike to my sister. 

My sister had no real interest in mopeds at the time and didn't end up using the bike. It just sat in our storage garage for a time collecting cobwebs. I am not sure how long it set  before I got bug to get it back out and get it running. After doing a little carb cleaning and putting air it the tires, I was back up zipping in no time. I used it to explore my parents neighborhood and ever expanding my riding area. I must admit I have never really thought of it as a real mode of transportation or using it beyond the neighborhood till a couple years after I moved out of my parents place into my own home. 

After moving into my own place and getting my shop (garage) setup, I moved the Pacer over. I say moved but I really rode it over to the new place. Well that is, I was riding it until I ran out of gas going up a large hill and then I was pushing. Anyway, after getting it home and settled in, I started ridding around my new stomping grounds. I also started expanding my riding area and finding new places explore at 25mph. 

Twenty Five miles per hour doesn't seem like a fast speed when you say it but on a small moped it can seem like your riding a rocket. The wind breezing by and the rumbling brap of the engine can make everything seem like all is right with the world until you get a flat tire. That was my case on one such ride and I had fun walking the bike back home. When changing the tube in the tire I ended up stripping the threads on the axle and just about cried. I mean where do you get a vintage Italian wheel axle for a moped? As it would happen there are number of internet places you can get parts and other local riders who can help you fix your parts. Something I found out as I again started expanding my moped world. 

1977 Garage

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Build Specs

Make: Pacer

Model: Deluxe (P-14)

Year: 1976

Engine: Franco Morini MO1

  • Displacement: 49.6 CC
  • Intake: Piston port
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Ignition: Magneto 6V 23W
  • Ignition Coil: Frame Mounted
  • Transmission: Single speed automatic
  • Clutch: Single Centrifugal


This economical Italian beauty is truly the way to go! It is "DELUXE" - in addition to unsurpassed engineering excellence and Italtelai workmanship, all the "extras" are Standard. It will completely satisfy the most demanding owner - in style, smooth ride and quick acceleration. Why settle for less? That's PACER! - 1980's Dealer Flyer

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