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History of the Pacer Brand


The mad ramblings of a moped nut.

About US

Following the eclectic adventures of a nomad and his vintage 1980 Pacer Super Sport moped.
Not Everyone Who Wanders is Lost.

Our adventure starts in the fall of 2014 with a 1400 mile road trip from the great plains of Omaha, Nebraska to the east coast lands of Providence, Rhode Island. Our mission? Acquire a vintage 1980 Pacer Super Sport pedal start moped and let nothing get in our way. Well, OK, maybe to also do a little sight seeing along the way, but mainly it was for the moped.

The moped was in pretty bad shape when we picked it up. So we made it our next mission to restore the Pacer to its former glory (With some custom touches of course). During the restore process we thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be a cool idea to document the progress?” Thus began the process of resurrecting an Instagram account that had been quietly collecting dust.

After the rebuild it was time to ride! The Wandering Pacer is about the adventure of exploring new places and figuring out creative ways to get a vintage moped into the photo of those places. So come join us as we ride until the wheels fall off.

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The Rides

The Wandering Pacers.
Olde Reliable

1976 Pacer Deluxe


1977 Pacer Super Sport


1978 Pacer Sport


1979 Pacer Super Sport


1980 Pacer Super Sport

Just Because

1980 Pacer Deluxe LS

Where am I today?

Follow the path of the wanderer.

Mopeds. Awesome when they work. Great exercise when they don't.

The Crew

The full crew of The Wandering Pacer.
Founder / Rider / Photographer / Designer

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