Franco Morini Engine Tools

Trying to find tools for working on your Franco Morini moped engines? Then you are in the right place. Here are some of the tools you'll need and some places where you can find them.

Vintage Franco Morini Specialty Tools

#751 Flywheel magneto puller

The 19mm x 1mm flywheel magneto puller main puller you will need for moped Morini flywheels. I did run into someone who said there Bosh flywheel was a different size, so heads up. 

You can easily pick one up at


#753 Flywheel Holder / #754 Pinion Holder

While I have the vintage Morini tool (like the one in the photo above), this one should work also. Very much needed for holding the flywheel in place when removing the nut. I like to brace mine against the pedal crank. This can also be use to hold the pinion sprocket when you need to remove/tighten the nut.


This can be found at

#755 Clutch Puller

This is used for pulling the clutch off of the piston crank. Be careful as you can mess up the the threads on the clutch if you over tighten. This tool is for use with a stock Morini clutch. I find it best to use with an impact driver. Note: Not for use with an M101 which is a different beast altogether.

This item can be found on

#757 Oil Seal Tools

This is the kit I use for installing seals on my engines. The washers are made of plastic so they can be easily modified if needed.


This can be found at Harbor Freight:

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