January 15, 2018


Of course I knew. I just had no idea!

Named after, Angelo 'Snaps' Provolone, from the 1991 movie Oscar staring, Sylvester Stallone, this yellow taxi Pacer Super Sport is the only bike I own with an "Italian" name. I was encouraged by a family member to at least have one bike linking back to it's Italian heritage. Snaps was previously purchased by the gent in the photo and brought to Omaha with the sole purpose to tease me and eventually be sold to me. Though he may not admit to it. After he did some "work" to get it running, it was passed on to me.

The bike originally came with an MO1 but has been upgraded to the 2 speed MO2. The carb has been tuned and upjetted as well as smaller rear sprocket was installed. There are a few more cosmetic changes that are planned for the future. Currently the bike sits as fully stock and running beautifully.

1977 Garage

Click the Garage button for full details on the build of this bike.

Build Specs

Make: Pacer

Model: Super Sport (P-80)

Year: 1977

Engine: Franco Morini MO2

  • Displacement: 49.6 CC
  • Intake:Piston Port
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Ignition: Magneto 6V 23W
  • Ignition Coil: Frame Mounted
  • Transmission: Single speed automatic
  • Clutch: Single Centrifugal
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