Scottie.. I need more power…

I've given her all she's got cap'n

So it would seem that poor Scottie is starved for attention. I got up early a couple mornings ago to get in a nice peaceful ride to work and since Blu was still under repair I prepped Scottie for the ride. The trip started out normal enough but about half way to the office I could tell something was wrong. When coming to stops the engine had a stutter and unusually noise. I finished the trip back to the office hoping the that it would clear up along the way but sadly it did not. This meant no more riding for the day. I did ride Scottie back to the house and parked him in the stable. 

Before starting repairs on Scottie I chose to finish up repairing Blu's injury from a previous ride that had broken her exhaust bracket off. I knew that repairing Scottie was going to be a little more involved and I wanted to at least have one running bike to get around on while the other projects are waiting to be completed. I re welded the bracket back on Blu however it still felt weak and I didn't trust it to take the abuse of the current Omaha road conditions. To fix this completely, I forged another bracket that slipped in behind the original and made a way to bolt it up tight. I then bolted the exhaust back up and did a couple test runs and Blu was good as new.

Now that I have Blu back up and running I am turning my attention back to Scottie. I opened the clutch cover to discover a frozen clutch and broken starter plate. Removal of the clutch is pending as been a little busy trying to catch up on my IG photos. More focus will be on Scottie this weekend and hopefully he'll be back up and running like new in no time.

I need my main runners up so that I can finish the 3 other pending projects that I have going. 

Until next report, Mo'Peds Mo'Problems.


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