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Which Pacer Do I Have?

Through out the history of the (Italtelai) Pacer brand there have been a number of small variations to the Pacer models however most of the variations are related to the standard Pacer (Deluxe). The 3 main models are the Pacer (Deluxe), the Pacer Sport and the Pacer Super Sport. These three models have a number of clear differences that help make them stand apart.

The Pacer (Deluxe) is a step-thru moped with an external tank. The side panels / chain guard rides closer to the frame and is also use as a foot rest. The handle bars sit higher and the saddle is shaped like a more comfortable bicycle seat.

The Pacer Sport is a step-thru full tube tank designed frame. The fenders are more streamlined and usually have a stripe panted on them. The seat is a longer bench style. The chain guards match on both sides and sit closer to the chain. The forks are bit beefer as well. The foot rest has a bar that sits close to the frame with a plastic cover over it.

The Pacer Super Sport is the most motorcycle looking one of the group. This model has a 2 gallon top tank. The seat is long also but different from the Sport model. The frame has a beautify downward curve that creates a hollow in the middle. The engine sits under the hollow with a chrome foot rest just above it. The curve of the frame is hidden by a plastic faring that wraps around under the seat. There is only one chain guard on this model.

Side note, I felt it necessary to mention one more model of Pacer not associated with the Italtelai maker and that would be the Hero-Majestic Pacer made in India. It is a moped and it does have the name Pacer, however it is a completely different beast. A photo can be seen at the bottom of the page.

The table below helps break down more details between the various other model year Pacers.

Pacer (Deluxe)

Pacer Sport

Pacer Super Sport

The Pacers

As you can see in the Image shown, the Pacer II came with a flat rear rack and the tail light was mounted to the fender.

The Hero-Majestic Pacer Moped.

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