Winter Rides

It was nice to get out on a brisk winter day to ride with some fellow moped riders. On the ride we had a number of locals as well as a couple from Montana who were passing through. I don’t ride as much in the cooler weather has I have in the past but this[…]

New items added to the shop!

So it’s been a while since the last update to the store but, now that it has gotten colder out I find myself inside more with time for creating new designs. The store has been updated with 2 new bike designs, the Vespa Grande and two versions of the Motomarina Sebring (Morini/Minarelli) as well as[…]

Vintage Pacer Decals Reborn

Let’s take a trip on the wayback machine for a moment. Back to when I had first acquired my first Pacer Super Sport and had plans to completely revamp the whole bike which included repainting the tank. With this in mind I started to remake the tank art in illustrator in hopes to have some[…]

Mo Ped, Mo Problems

I have been watching the adventures of Moped Problems on Youtube for a while now but I hadn’t seen this episode yet and a fellow IGer informed me that he had seen the shout out. A while back I had send out a care package to a few moped shops containing a Pacer Service sticker[…]

Right tool for the job!

Looking for resources for on where to find the tools needed to work on Morini engines? Your’re in luck, as it happens I am currently collecting information on this very topic. While it might be hard to find the specific vintage tools listed in the Morini repair manuals, there are current day alternatives that do[…]

Trinidad and Tobago

So I had my first trip to the Caribbean Islands this year in February and it was pretty amazing. The main plan of the trip was to visit my fiancee and meet her family, but I also was hoping to see all the sights and sounds the islands had to offer. On this trip I[…]

New Pacer Manuals Page

Update: New Pacer Manuals section of the site added under resources. The plan is start adding all my collected resources to the site to help fellow Pacer/Morini riders. If you have any questions on Pacer related items, I would be happy to share my wisdom. 😉 or perhaps if you have something that you think[…]

Nebraska Moped Laws

Ever wonder what it takes to ride a moped in the Great State of Nebraska? With riding season fully ramping up I thought I would create a simple info graphic to help cover the basic requirements. For more detailed information and ease of use, I have collected the Nebraska Moped Laws here on my website.[…]

New Year, New IG Name

It has been a long time coming. When I originally opened my IG account I tried to sign up with my name, however it was already in use, as was a number of other variations that I would have liked. So I ended up using a mix of my name and my ex’s last name[…]

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