To the winner go the spoils

Racing hurts.

So here's to the people who made MopedGP a success, Cheers!

I had a great time coming out and racing my Pacers even though I hurt myself on the first lap around. I was told to take it easy around the turns until my tires warmed up and that exactly what I thought I was doing. Turns out neither my tires nor I were ready for the last turn on the track. I slowed down for the turn but I hooked it too great and fell over on my side. Thankfully I was wearing protective gear and I didn't go down that hard but it was hard enough to bruise my side. I didn't really feel it until later after all the racing was done and I was turning in for the night. Trying to lay down on an air mattress and sleep never hurt so much.

Not that I had really had a good chance of winning with all the awesome riders and their custom machines, however I do believe that the one wreck was enough to knock out a bit of my competitive edge. I was more wary on the turns and didn't push as hard when in a group. The funny thing is that it wasn't for fear of getting hurt, but more so about not messing up my nice top tank bikes. I was already silly for even racing them in the first place if I wanted to keep them in good condition.

Still, I had to do it and had a blast with everyone. I can't wait to do it again next year only this time I will have a bike ready for racing. Pacer sport anyone? 😀



Fellow racer Dylan takes a small spill showing just how tricky these turns can be.

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