Vintage Pacer Decals Reborn

Let's take a trip on the wayback machine for a moment. Back to when I had first acquired my first Pacer Super Sport and had plans to completely revamp the whole bike which included repainting the tank. With this in mind I started to remake the tank art in illustrator in hopes to have some new decals made. While on this mission my fellow local riders had talked me into keeping the original patina and I have to admit they were right. I later found a website that had a few of the original OEM decals available which I bought thinking I could use them for a future project. Later on when I finally got a new project, I was informed by some fellow Pacer riders who also had the OEM decals that they didn't work well. This prompted me to revise my plan to recreate the original decals for my bikes.

In search of a good source to have the decals made I came across a rider from Minnesota named, Luke, who was working for a design/print firm at the time. He had access to automotive grade vinyl and helped me print my first set of decals which I then used on my blue Pacer SS.

After the first round of tank art, I must admit I didn't have the drive to complete the rest of the decals until I was recently contacted by another Pacer SS owner. He was in search of some replacement decals for the ones that were coming off of his tank. Having used the last of my sets for another project I worked to source a local company for producing additional decals. I also felt the drive to start producing the rest of the decals found on all versions of the Italian Pacer Moped brand. The effort has paid off as I have had a number of people contacting me about purchasing sets for their own project Pacers. HMU if you'd like a set of your own.

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