Trinidad and Tobago

So I had my first trip to the Caribbean Islands this year in February and it was pretty amazing. The main plan of the trip was to visit my fiancee and meet her family, but I also was hoping to see all the sights and sounds the islands had to offer. On this trip I got to experience a good number of firsts and one of those firsts was traveling on a cargo ship! It was very interesting to see how they loaded the trucks onto the ship and how the waves feel in such a big heavy boat.

One of my favorite discoveries on the trip was the fact that their highway signs specifically said no mopeds. I was very curious to whether I would see any at all and to my surprise I did find one..sorta. One of the people we visited had a mini bicycle that comes with a custom motor setup. It had the words Island Hopper on the side and looking this up I was able to find a website selling them based in Florida of all places. It hasn't run in years I was told and it looks it. It is a friction drive system with the drive rubbing the rear wheel. I was very glad to at least find something though my fiancee assures me that there are other mopeds though I didn't see any. ๐Ÿ™

While we did tour both Islands, I really did enjoy the slower pace of Tobago and had a great time visiting the waterfalls. The falls had a trail that when straight up the side of the hill (using ropes) that took you to the next levels. The water turned out to be rather on the cold side but I still had fun standing under the falls. Over all it was a great experience and I can't wait to go visit again.

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