Franco Morini M101: Update 01

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Well here’s a small update on the custom M101 build. After removing the MO2, I propped up the M101 to the frame to figure out my fitting. Finding the I need more space between the wheel and the engine, I cut off the bottom mounts which allowed the engine to slide back about an inch more. This then gave the needed clearance.

This is my first time ever doing something like this so I was a bit nervous. I first polled the gurus to find out what tool I would need and then went and added it to my collection. It then was just a matter of doing it. Well now that the engine fits better I am working out how the new mounts need to be built and welded on. I am going to try cutting my own pieces and then have a friend help me to weld them on. I am also placing order for parts to change out some parts such as a new tail light and handle bars to match my red bike.

That’s it for now.



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