Franco Morini M101


In 1981 or so Morini Franco Motori came out with their ultimate moped engine, the M101. The M101 like the M1 has a case inducted reed valve but added the addition of a dual variated drive system. With a variated system the engine can adjust the power to speed ratio automatically making it stronger on hills and faster on flats. This makes dual variated engines very desirable in the moped community and with the M101 being a such a system it can be hard to find. That being said I got one!!!

However, the one I got is a kick start model and not a pedal model which is required in the state of Nebraska. So I will need to figure out how to best handle that. In the mean time I will be working out how to get this bolted up to Blu. The Pacer brand did not come with this model of engine which has a longer backside on the case. The top mounting holes match up perfectly to the other engines so I will need to figure out how best to handle this issue. Cut the frame or make a bracket are my 2 best options with leaning more toward cutting the frame.

Part of the reason I brought Blu into the fold was because I wanted to have a Pacer with a little more kick. Something to mess with the minds of the local Derbi riders and their variated engines. I am not one really for a fast bike like a lot of the local riders. My focus has been more on aesthetics than on making a racer. That being said, every now and then I would like to have something with a little more guts to blast with fellow riders. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy going at a "slower" pace with mopeds and have fun taking my time and exploring new areas. There are just times when you want to don't want to lose the pack your riding with either. That is where Blu will come in.

Over all this should be a fun project. ๐Ÿ˜€


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