Rally of the Corn 4: The Most Annoying Sound

ROTC4: The Most Annoying Sound

Hey everyone!! Its ROTC time again! If you haven't already signed up be sure to do so before the 15th of June. The Rally Dates are June, 23 - 25th. If you are coming please prepare for some hot sunny weather. Last year was killer and while we will have beverages on hand please make sure to drink plenty of water. Putting on some sun screen to make sure you don't burn would be recommended as well. 

I will be photo taking again this year and will try to get in among everyone to get some cool shots of people riding but if you want to make sure you get in a shot, you might need to ride behind me for a bit. 😀 I really enjoy it when people have fun with the camera so don't hold back and lets see what you got. (With in reason please 😉 I will also be trying my had at doing some video. I enjoy branching out and trying new things. I know my good friend, Jim, with Safety Second Mopeds will also be running some photo capturing. So be sure to hit us up for some sweet shots. 

As always I will have my tool kit on me so if you are in need of a simple quick repair and are missing something, chances are I might have it. Also don't be a stranger. I love meeting new people in the community and talking mopeds. Hope to see you out there!

-Benjamin, The Wandering Pacer




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